I’ve got half a dozen boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, an upcoming convention and some unused PTO. I’m using all of these things with one goal in mind: getting the most out of my writing.

I haven’t exactly been enjoying the revision process of my new novel. If anything, I’ve been tempted to jump ship, and while I’ve decided that I’m going to start a new project sooner rather than later, I also feel I need to follow through with this stage of revision. Even if it is like pulling teeth.So with that in mind, I’m using the one thing left in my writer’s toolbox.

Bribery. Pure, unadulterated bribery.

Taking a page out of Brandon Sanderson’s playbook, I’m bribing myself to revise more. For every ten chapters revised, I’m dipping into those Girl Scout Cookies. If I get halfway through my revisions by the time I’m go to my con, I’m definitely going to come back with something awesome (and most likely Deadpool-shaped). And lastly, I’m going to take a staycation after I’m done with the revisions because, gosh-darned, I’ve earned it!

Even with those incentives, I’m still trying to stay realistic in the revision process. I’ve come to terms with the realization that a large portion of this manuscript will probably have to rewritten. And the best way to approach this rewriting is to get enough distance away from the manuscript to come back with fresh eyes. I tempted to use this as an excuse to run far, far away from this project – but I know the novel needs a revision before it needs a rewriting. Having some incentives in place keeps me anchored towards this end.

Ultimately, every writer has to do something they are not crazy about, whether its revisions, marketing or just plain monotony. It’s part of the struggle of being a productive writer. Whenever you arrive at this point, the only way around is through – even if it means beg, borrowing or stealing from your own temptations to achieve your goals.


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